Get involved
We always welcome members who want to become more active in our theatre company. On tour we are seeking members to act, help out back stage and front of house with our productions. As we are currently negotiating the recovery of the theatre building, we are now looking for assistance and support with the restoration and fundraising. To find out more go to our support page.
Sunday Pub Nights
As the theatre is located in a small village we have been encouraging its use as a Ďvillage meeting pointí and we have welcomed several bookings from the locals including the WI group.
We are now opening for Sunday Pub Nights for the local villagers, and had our first night on Sunday 13th March. We welcomed around 45 people who all took part in the quiz. A lovely atmosphere throughout and we have received some great comments. We have decided to continue with the pub nights initially 4 weekly. We can have too much of a good thing! We can always review this and open more if we think itís beneficial to everyone.
The next 2 pub nights are Sunday 1st May and Sunday 29th May. And we have activities for you to enjoy. The reason we have gone for these 2 dates is the following Mondays are bank holidays so no work for most.
1st May we are having a beetle drive. Fun for all the family. Very easy to play. Donít worry if youíve never played, full instructions will be given.
29th May we are running a race night so cash to be won! Havenít decided yet whether this will be horses or greyhounds but either way it is a very exciting evening.